I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.
(John 15:5)

I am a firm believer that every single trial we have in life is allowed by God in order to test our mettle, usually with the aim of showing us where our fortitude or character is a little bit lacking.

I mean, if we are honest, any one of us can be immeasurably bold, incredibly courageous, and are capable of great gallantry… theoretically.  It’s that sticky place where heroic imaginings meet with a leaky fridge or an explosion of teenage drama over a five-minute departure time that we sometimes find our integrity falling a bit short.

Or pain. In my case, I have to confess that a month or two of near-constant headaches will quickly shred any guise of righteousness I may have concocted in my mind and lay my weaknesses rather painfully bare.

Strange though it may seem, I see this as a good thing.

In a recent reading of John 15,  the Lord’s discourse grabbed my attention in a new way, and I have been thinking about it since.

Really, there is so much packed into this one passage that I could go on forever (don’t worry – I won’t; at least not today…), but the what stood out to me was the emphasis Jesus put on abiding, bearing fruit, and loving before He launched into a sort of warning about the persecution and difficulties that lay ahead for the disciples.

In the illustration of the vine and branches, the Lord makes twelve references to abiding or remaining in the first eleven verses.

Now I know that the Lord did not begin this agricultural analogy to His disciples by announcing, “Verse 1 of Chapter 15 begins, ‘I am the true vine…'”

I also know that He was most likely speaking to them in Aramaic or Hebrew and not in either English (my translation) or Greek (the language the text was translated from).

However, in any language if a speaker repeats the same concept multiple times in a brief span, that speaker kinda wants the listener to hear it. It’s worthy of note the other concept He reiterates is love: loving each other, remaining in His love, etc.

As I have mulled all this over while simultaneously dealing with the afore-mentioned month or two of head pain along with the inevitable adolescent ire, and yes, even the leaky fridge, it has been driven into even my somewhat thick and murky consciousness that the one way we are going to endure hardships, difficulties, and trials is to love each other well.

And the only way we can love each other well is by remaining in Him.

While that may seem self-evident, the lesson my Father has been hammering home here lately is that “remaining in Him” is more than an hour or two of pre-dawn Bible study and prayer. It is an all day,play-by-play reliance on Him to provide me with the ability to do what I cannot do on my own.

As an example, take the watermelon vine in the photo above. That yellow flower and the other little buds each hold the promise of delectable, mature fruit to come. Yet if at any time the flower or the ripening fruit becomes severed from the vine, there will be no scrumptious melon but only decay.

Also, there is absolutely no way to attach the melon to the vine for a few moments or hours. Even if there were, such partial nourishment would never be enough to sustain a truly juicy melon through the scorching Tennessee summer. The fruit would certainly wither.

Even so, a few minutes or an hour alone with God in the morning is not enough to sustain me through yet another day of pain, be it the physical pain of migraine or the emotional frustrations of navigating through the volatile Land of Adolescence as a parent.

No, I need much more than a brief connection. If I am to love my family well and endure the pain of life, I will have to remain connected with Him every single second – for there is not a single second of the day in which I do not need a greater strength and a fiercer love than the shriveled parody I can conjure on my own.

And that is where true joy begins…

These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.
John 15:11

9 thoughts on “Remain

  1. So, so good! “And the only way we can love each other well is by remaining in Him.” An incredible profound statement pregnant with application! I’ve started back to work with a new school year, and it just gets way, way busy in my head, so this is a great reminder. Thanks so much. Hope you made it to the MD for an appointment to check out that tenacious “migraine”…??

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    1. Thanks! Well… about that appointment…. the headache specialist is booked until – APRIL! So yes, I’ve made the appointment but am about to try a radical dietary change in the meantime. It would not make me sad to find something that worked long before April… 😉

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  2. Dear Heather, this is no small point Father has revealed to you. Realizing that Father desires an all day fellowship with me changed my perception of how Lord Jesus both walked with and abode in the Father.

    Have you heard of Brother Lawrence whose experience with God were recorded in a journal by a curious believer? That journal became the book titled “The Practice Of The Presence Of God”. Documented centuries ago, this book unfolded such intimate relationship that I had sensed existed but which had not become clear enough to my heart.

    One of the unforgettable words of Bro Lawrence was when he described how “he felt no difference in intimacy with God when he was kneeling to pray in a solitary place and when he was about his kitchen chores (since he was a sort of cook).”

    Dear Heather, these words got a hold of me and stirred a burning desire to seek beyond my set prayer times and go beyond the veil, to every moment intimacy just like Lord Jesus.

    Lord Jesus, you remain the true object, author and finished of our faith. Oh to be like you.

    Lots of Love to you Dear Heather.

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    1. I have heard of Brother Lawrence and have also read “The Practice of the Presence of God” – an excellent book. When I read it early in my Christian walk, I decided that I would like to experience The Lord’s presence like he did. I am still on that journey and humbled to realize how quickly my mind wanders from the Glory of God to other things.

      Amen to your prayer – May we all learn to remain in His love every moment of every day. He is worthy!

      Thanks so much for your encouraging words, my brother in Christ!

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