Liebster Award – Passing it On

liebster-logoWell, before my week gets a little bit crazy and probably a lot weird thanks to a new culinary adventure I will be embarking on (more than that later),  I thought I’d take a few moments and indulge in a little fun… especially since my youngest turned 13 today and fun is certainly one way to keep me from an overdose of nostalgia about when they were all babies.

The multi-talented Mitch Teemley nominated me for a Liebster Award recently, and I am excited to pass on my own nominations to you!  If you haven’t heard of this award, just know that it is a great way to get the word out about other bloggers you know and a nomination is a pretty sweet vote of confidence from a fellow blogger.

Mitch, please accept my gratitude for your nomination <insert curtsey here>.

I definitely recommend checking out his wonderful blog, The Power of Story, (and also his upcoming film, Over the Rhine)!

Of course, there are some rules, but they are just as fun. ;


  • Thank the nominator (Thanks again!)
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate others (though none of you are under any obligation to participate!)

So. First for my nominations. These are all blogs either of personal friends or blogs I have read some great content on and deserve more traffic (in my opinion):

Detective Gluck

You Can Trust Him

Theological Jon

The First Gleam of Dawn

Unto Christ’s Fullness

God’s Grace – God’s Glory!

Scott’s Blog – Jesus Be With You

Laura Bennett

Lilka Raphael – Author and Photographer

Lastly, the questions:

1. If you could be any animal on earth, what would it be and why?  A swallow. I adore watching them swoop and dive like little feathered masters of the air. What it must feel like to fly that way!

2. If you had to write the soundtrack of your life, what would be the first three songs?  Eh… I’m too tired to decide. Probably something like

3. If your death was imminent, what would you choose as your last meal?   The Bread of Life and Living Water – kind of like an appetizer before the great feast.

4. What movie that has not yet been made would you pay good money to see?   Yeah… not so sure. I like movies but I am cheap and would still prefer a good book or a nice, long hike.

5. What was your favorite age to be and why?  Maybe 30 ?? All three kids were babies and every day had built-in entertainment.

6. What is the one book that has most inspired your writing and/or life?  The Bible is definitely tops. The first time I read it all the way through, I came out a different person on the other side. Outside of the Bible, maybe G. K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy, C. S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters… 

7. If you could live anywhere you please, without that pesky restraint called money, where would it be and why?  Somewhere with a gorgeous view of either the mountains (Smokies, Rockies… not too picky) and/or a gorgeous view of a natural beach with no condos/other houses in sight… but maybe a few live oaks. Why? because I love, love, love to see the beauty of creation and the wonder of the creatures my Father has populated it with. But I do not love crowds, concrete, and exhaust fumes.


11 thoughts on “Liebster Award – Passing it On

    1. Well, I love movies, but I couldn’t think of one that needs to be made, I guess. I’ve enjoyed a pretty wide range of them, but I also find if they are too predicitable, the likelihood of falling asleep increases (one of the setbacks of having chronic migraine, I guess…)


  1. Hello Heather, thanks for your loving concern and nomination of my blog.

    It’s my first time of hearing of the Liebster award. I guess it is a way of recommending and advancing other blogs that count to you.

    Don’t mind my sluggish observance. Still looking around and visiting your recommended blogs to find out more about the Liebster awards.

    Congratulations on your nomination, you have great stuff on your blog and I hope more people get to be transformed by Lord Jesus through them. ☺

    Lots of love to you (again).

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    1. No worries! Technically, I should have let you know on your blog but I was weary and completely forgot. It’s really just a fun way of spreading the word and I think your blog has great, God-honoring content. I also hope that many hear the Word or are encouraged in their walk with the Lord!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the nomination Heather! I do appreciate your thoughtfulness. I hadn’t seen the award around in a while and wasn’t sure it was still on the WP. I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify for it anymore if the rules are the same however I definitely appreciate the sentiment. I can’t come up with answers off the top of my head for any of the questions except #6 in regards to The Bible also motivating me to write. Like you, I’d like to live anywhere surrounded by nature and a great view. 🙂

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