Gone Fishin’

Well, I finished the Tuesday prayer a day late (actually a week and a day late, but who’s counting?) along with a little note that I’ll be taking July off from blogging. But lo and behold, the thing’s vanished. Every word of it.

So instead of starting from scratch and rewriting the thing, I’m just going to settle for the “taking July off” bit. I’m praying for the Church and for the lost. Always. But I’ll not be jotting them down on this virtual space for a little bit.

Too much to juggle and my kids are growing up way too quickly. See you in August!

15 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

      1. πŸ™‚ it was so nice to see you!!!! I’ve been behind on reading and when I saw your name I was like, need to check on Heather ❀ So glad July was a blessing for you and your family!!!

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      2. Same!!!! There’s so many people I want to catch up with, but I’ve had to tell myself I don’t have to read everything to encourage and bless someone. It’s hard sometimes balancing the blogging world and other priorities.

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