Once again, I am underwater with intractable migraine, teens, a novel, and some article deadlines. Speaking of teens, today I wanted to share this post by a certain teen I am very proud of. I’ve been forbidden to say the name, but suffice to say I love this kid tons of tons!



Beauty has many meanings. From the Chinese who wrapped their feet as babies, damaging their bone structure to the Maya who would place boards on their heads to gain sloped foreheads, everyone seems to expend so much effort for beauty. I have never met a single person who truly did not care what they looked like. Never.

What does beauty mean? You could look it up in the dictionary or ask somebody, however everyone has their own idea of beauty and it could not be simply explained entirely by definition. There is only one completely reliable source we may look to.

Psalm 50:2 states, “From Zion, perfect beauty, God shines forth.”

Zion is believed by many to be the place of God’s ruling during the end of times as found in Revelation 12. So, from where God reigns there is flawless beauty. The Bible also tells us we are made…

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4 thoughts on “Beauty?

  1. Nice!
    Zion is the name of the hill in Jerusalem where King David built his palace. From that original meaning, Zion became a name for the government of Israel, much as Americans say “Washington” when speaking of the national government. From that meaning it extends to all the rule of God, whether present or future. J.

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