Knots in My Kite String

Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD! Psalms 27:14

Last week, our family took a much-needed vacation to Hilton Head Island.  I confess we were somewhat selfish this year. Most of our trips in the past have either been to visit family or shared with other families. This time it was just the five of us hanging out together after a rather brutal year. Just because he could, my husband purchased trick kites for the kids.

Our oldest is now a teenager, and a more meticulous young man you could not hope to meet as far as possessions go. He has an engineer’s brain and organizes his closet and drawers into neat rows and it is not unheard of him to say, after a sleepover or younger company, “Boy, my room’s a mess! I’d better clean it.”

Naturally, according to the finer points of Murphy’s Law, it was his kite string that first became knotted. Twice. The first was a relatively simple knot, causing him some degree of distress but not too complicated to undo. Soon — not as soon as he would have liked, but soon enough — he was mastering the various loops, swoops, and dives the kite was designed to perform.

The second snarl, however, was one of astronomical proportions involving both left and right strings. Darkness grounded my reluctant flier and we quickly discovered that a trick kite is no joke to pack up when one has a deficit of illumination and a profusion of robust wind. The poor young man almost gave up all hope of further aerial endeavors.

However, I have a knack for undoing knots, and there on that island with the salt tang in the air and no deadlines, I did not mind spending whatever time was necessary to restore the strings.  In fact, I rather enjoyed the challenge.  My husband also pitched in and we managed to unravel the mess and restore order.

At the week’s end we returned home and as we picked up our routine, I found myself once again brooding over several dilemmas that have been the subject of fervent prayer, some for many weeks and others for months and all related to some degree or another.   I desperately want to be certain of God’s will before I move forward on any of these, and I supposed I had hoped to return home with the answers I sought.

On the island, it was easy to forget them for a time and simply praise God for the incredible beauty I saw all around, for my family, for His mercy to allow such a gift as that trip was to one so undeserving as me. My heart was full of praise and mind was full of God.

However, back in reality, I found myself once more distressed by what appears to me to be a hopeless, complicated mess.   Impatient for answers, I cried out to God — literally — on a morning walk with my dogs when suddenly it hit me: My Father has a knack for undoing knots.

He has solved more than one seemingly impossible dilemma, certainly greater dilemmas than mine.  His timing has always been absolutely perfect, though I often do not realize that until after the fact  There is nothing too difficult for Him to handle,  no snarl so incredible that He cannot straighten it.  He has got this. Truly, it is not even mine to undo.

He can handle my little snarl. He will give me the wisdom I seek. All I need to do is wait patiently He has finished His work in that particular area. And when my mind is full of Him rather than my little snags, He gives me peace.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7