Something to Think About…

If today you are unsaved and you have sometimes stumbled over the inconsistency of Christians, let me say that the Word of God takes it for granted that Christians need constant admonishing, but you are invited to come just as you are to Christ, trust Him as your Savior, receive the divine life by faith, and then live as a Christian should and show the rest of us what a real Christian ought to be.

-H. A. Ironside, from In the Heavenlies

23 thoughts on “Something to Think About…

  1. I find that a flawed assertion, the power base of Christianity is set on being unchanging. Anyone who attempts to alter anything is branded a heretic. Like the pro-LGBTQ movement trying to embrace love and the traditionalists branding them all as sinners. Change happens slowly, glacially, and people will be hurt in the meantime.


    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m afraid I’m not certain what assertion you are referring to that you find flawed… Do you mean the assertion that anyone is welcome to come to God just as he or she is, be saved, and then show us all how a real Christian ought to live?

      It seems to me you are upset about certain perceptions which don’t necessarily have anything to do with this quote. However, I will say I’m not sure what you are referring to by “the power base of Christianity….”

      I guess for me it’s as simple as this: If God exists and is the Creator of all that is, then all of this is His stuff. He can do what He wants with it, and if He decides it is to be unchanging, that’s His prerogative, just as if I paint a picture and choose to hang it in my bathroom or my living room, that’s my prerogative (with the exception that I did not actually make the paint, brushes, nor the surface I painted on)…

      Another way of putting it that doesn’t necessarily include God (but also doesn’t preclude Him) is this: If there is a thing such as Truth, then it can only be true. You can’t have an untrue truth just as you can’t have a white black. So if a thing is true, that truth doesn’t change no matter what a person or ten trillion people may think about it. I don’t have to like a truth for it to be true any more than I have to like gravity for it to work when I trip.


      1. That you will be allowed to be the change you wish to see in Christianity and show the mistaken the right way of being.


      2. OK, I think I understand you… You don’t believe people are allowed to be the change they wish to see in Christianity. I guess I agree to a point, mainly because some of the changes people wish to see are not in line with what Christ died to set us free from. However, for those who wish to see a return to the Scriptures, a whole-hearted pursuit of the Kingdom of God, and His will done, well… that gets some major push back from the world, often in the form of martyrdom – at least outside US borders. But for those martyrs, it’s worth it. It was worth it for Christ. If I’m ever called to it, it will be worth it to me.

        Lord, give me the courage I need to die for you if that’s Your plan for me!


      3. I like to pick and choose which scriptures we return to, the ones silencing women were done away with good reason, also we still hold onto some we should do away with.


      4. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there. I guess it’s like gravity – again. As a clumsy person, I’d like to pick and choose when gravity works, but the darn egg I dropped the other day smashed all over my floor even still.

        Either the Scriptures are the Word of God or it isn’t. If it is His, I have no right to pick and choose what I do with them. I either obey Him, or I don’t. But I love His words and His commands, and even more, I love the Lord who gave them, so my desire is to obey Him. “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” I earnestly prayed today that you will find Him good, too…


      5. So verses like “women shall learn in silence and submission … Women are not permitted to teach or have authority over men … Be kind to your slaves because you are God’s slave” are ok?


      6. I’ve wrestled with that one from time to time. In the context of the letter, it directly follows the admonition that one speaking in tongues must have an interpreter or else keep silent. I’ve heard it explained that it had something to do with the Corinthian women specifically or with disruptive talking during church. Personally, if God needs me to humble myself and keep silent in church, I’m OK with that. After all, His only Son humbled Himself and kept quiet when facing the cross… and He didn’t sin. I have. Telling me to sit down and shut up is really better than I deserve! 🙂


      7. I don’t see why people say being treated poorly is better than they deserve, God should be held to the higher standard of total respect.


      8. That goes back to my first point about everything – including me and what I’m made of – is His stuff. As Creator, He’s the one with the authority to determine right from wrong. Before I came to know and love Yeshua His Son and submitted myself to His Lordship, I went my own way instead of following His way. But I found only pain. There’s still pain, but now I have hope because of His great mercy in showing compassion to me despite my rebellion. It’s the rebellion that I speak of when I say I get better – MUCH better – than I deserve. Praise Him!

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  2. You are not off the reservation on this one. This reminds me of a bible study I was in many years ago and we had gotten into some theological discussion and a dear friend stopped us and said ” it’s about 6 hours one friday”. Through the decades I have heard people go down this path but I fail to see their concept. A dear friend explained it this way. If your best friend handed you the perfect give that you have always wanted would you shove that back in their face? Of course not.

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    1. Yes, and He is the perfect gift. I remember the moment I realized my refusal of the gift of salvation was the ultimate rudeness for the exact reasons you outlined in your example.


      1. When you start standing by the bedside of the one who means everything to you and that person may not make it through the night it will give you a different perspective on life. It is about the gift and for those who refuse to take that gift will suffer in the long run and that is truly sad.

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    1. Oh wow, thanks tons, TR! I am sorry – I’ve been covered up with migraines and adjusting to a new job lately (plus getting ready for my oldest’s graduation party ! ). I’ll get in and look at your post tomorrow (I hope!) Have a great night!~

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